Our horses

Abbey “Abbey Moon”


Intermediate/Advanced level
Holsteiner  15.3 hands | Age 9

Abby has experience showing in hunters, jumpers (up to 3’6″), fox hunting, and eventing.

Blizzard “Picturesque Bit of Blue”

blizzardBeginner/Intermediate level
Welsh pony 13.2 hands | Age 11
Blizzard is a super pony!    He is a great teacher, and popular with many levels of riders.


breezyIntermediate/Advanced level
Thoroughbred 16.1 hands | Age 5
Breezy is a young TB that has been in training, and participated in one jumper show.  He is not available for lessons / lease currently.



Intermediate – Advanced Level

7 Year old Thoroughbred 16.0 H

 Brooke is an off-track thoroughbred.  She has competed in hunters, jumpers, and dressage.  Brooke travels well to Pony Club events and has schooled Cross Country.  She  has a lovely quiet temperament.

Bugs (Ruffian Rabbit)

Beginner/ Intermediate level
Welsh 13.1 hands | Age 18
Bugs is a fancy pony who has competed in WEF!  She has gone cross country, and taught beginners.

Charlie “Willy Wonka”


Beginner – Intermediate Level

11 Year old Paint Pony, 14.0 H

Charlie is a cute paint pony that has a fast trot, but a lovely canter, and is a super jumper.  Quick, but fun for all riders at Red Gate Farm.



Intermediate Level

8 Year old Hafflinger Pony, 14.1 H

Chilli is a fun pony and great jumper.  He is for Intermediate riders because  he is a forward mover.   He is sweet and kind, and tries hard.

Coco Puff


Beginner to Intermediate level
Welsh pony | 13.2 hands | Age 15
Coco Puff is a cute welsh pony that has taught many children to ride!  He is used in lessons and camps for all abilities.  He has shown in hunters from Leadline to Pony hunters.



Intermediate level
Belgian Draft 16.2 hands | Age 18
Duncan is a gentle giant that has been fox hunting, and eventing.   He is strong, but agreeable, and eager to please.


hunterhorseIntermediate level
Appendix 16.1 hands | Age 14
Hunter is a fun TB that has evented through Novice level, and shown in hunters and jumpers.  He has dabbled in fox hunting also.



Beginner to Intermediate level
“TMF Darkstar”
Quarter Horse | 16 hands | Age 17

Comfortable gaits, western
and english. Big, but gentle, he loves kids and adults. Jack
has been teaching all levels for 8 years, including tots and grandmothers.



Intermediate level
Pony 13.2 hands | Age 20
Joey has shown in Pony hunters, and fox hunted for years.     He is now finding his role as a teacher; he is forward and willing.


Beginner/Intermediate level
Quarter Horse | 15.1 hands | Age 15
Joker is really quiet, comfortable best friend.   He is a great teacher  for that first canter or first jump.

Key “Key of Solomon”


Advanced Level

14 years old Irish Thoroughbred, 16.2H

Key is a quick, sensitive ride for experienced riders.  He was a very successful racehorse and foxhunter.  He is available to our top students for lessons or lease.




Intermediate to Advanced level
“Cool Hand Luke”
Thoroughbred | 16.3 hands | Age 15
Luke is a performance horse for intermediate riders! He has shown in jumpers, dressage, and eventing. Forward, and sensitive for those with a quiet seat and hands.

Maple “I Cannot Find It”


Intermediate/Advanced level
Canadian Thoroughbred  15.3 hands | Age 5
Maple is the easiest young TB we have ever worked with.  She did her first show with a 13 year old rider and was amazing! We are looking forward to bringing her along as a showhorse, and expect her to be a 2’6″ hunter/jumper all day long.  Perhaps some eventing too!


MaxIntermediate level

Thoroughbred  16 hands | Age 16
Max is a show hunter for juniors/adults through 2’6″. He also teaches lessons, and may do some eventing with us




Beginner to Intermediate level
Irish Sporthorse
16.3+ hands | Age 17

Paddy was a well-loved foxhunter before coming to Red Gate Farm. He is a wonderful, steady, patient mount for ALL levels. A favorite for many years!


parkerIntermediate/Advanced level
Thoroughbred | 16 hands | Age 10
Parker is a straight-forward Thoroughbred that has shown in hunters, jumpers, and eventing.  He is a popular lesson horse with upper level riders.

Pepper “Royal Smart Peppy”


Beginner to Intermediate Level

13 Year old Quarter pony, 14.2 H

Pepper has done a little bit of everything: trail riding, Western riding, English pleasure, hunters, and eventing.  He starts out a bit forward, and then settles down nicely.  He jumps up to 2’6″.



Beginner – Intermediate Level

10 Year old  pony, 14 Hands

Polly is a great pony for both beginning and up to intermediate riders.  She has showing experience in hunters up to 2’6″, and is very cute!

PW (Pee Wee)

PW2Intermediate/Advanced level
Thoroughbred 16.1 hands | Age 14
PW is a  TB that has been evented and shown in equitation leagues.  He is available for lessons / lease.



Beginner – Intermediate level
Paint Pony | 13.2 hands | Age 11
Razz is a fun, athletic pony for all levels. Terrific jumper and does well in shows, too. She has a wonderful personality too!



Intermediate  Level

16 year old Thoroughbred, 15.2H

Rebel  is a former racehorse, and event horse.  In his teens, he is kind and willing, and a good teacher for our students.

Reggie “Regalo”


Advanced  Level by permission only

13 year old Dutch Warmblood, 17.2H

Reggie has evented and fox hunted, jumping up to 3’3″.  He is as sweet as can be.  This huge horse has a huge presence and a huge heart as well.

Remy “Dream of Me”


Intermediate/Advanced level
Hanoverian 16.3 hands | Age 12
Remy is super fancy, and most suitable for hunters/eq.  He is available for full lease. We are evaluating him for lessons.




Beginner to Intermediate level
Dutch Warmblood
16.2 hands | Age 18

Ruben is a wonderful dressage horse! He is easy-going and jumps too! Beginners and intermediates love his steady, laid back attitude. Fancy for shows too.



Intermediate/Advanced level
Warmblood 16.2 hands | Age 10
Salisco is looking for a paid long-term lease.  He has shown in hunters/jumpers.



Intermediate/Advanced level
Holsteiner 16.2 hands | Age 12
Saphira is a lovely warmblood that excels in eventing and fox hunting.



Beginner to Intermediate level
“King Bar Leo”
Quarter Horse/Paint
15.3 hands | Age 14

Tobey is a fun horse that likes kids. His blue eye is striking. Nice on the flat, and an experienced jumper too. Tobey has been with us for 7 years. He is great for all levels.



Beginner to Intermediate level

“Two Pence”
Welsh pony cross | 12 hands | Age 13

Tuppence has excellent training and manners. A fancy show pony, she wins in local hunter shows. She has been popular in camp with all levels. She can jump really high for her size. She is SOOOO cute with her blue eyes. She’s been with us for 7 years. Tuppence won NCSSEL Horse for the Year for 2009 and 2013!



Beginner/Intermediate level
Thoroughbred 16 hands | Age 21
Wellie is a great horse with tons of show experience in dressage, as well as in jumping and fox hunting.  He is new to Red Gate, but gaining popularity quickly.



Intermediate/Advanced level
Hanoverian 16.1 hands | Age 14
Willow is a fancy dressage and hunter mare that has been a broodmare for several years.



Intermediate level
Warmblood 16.2 hands | Age 15
Winston is a big fancy warmblood that excels in dressage and low level jumping.

Z Esmerelda


Advanced Level

Holsteiner 16.3 hands | Age 9

Z is a well-bred mare that  foxhunts and events, jumping up to 3’3″. She is only ridden by experienced riders with permission.