Leasing and Practice Rides

leasing_web_dsc_7640Red Gate Farm has horses available for short and long-term leases, as well as those available for practice rides (hacks). This offers our riders the opportunity to spend extra time with a horse appropriate to their riding level, strengthening grooming, tacking and riding skills. Some horses may be available for sale to current students also. Please contact us with inquiries.

forleasesign1A lease means that you commit to renting a specific horse on the same days every week to ride ON SITE without an instructor. The purpose of the lease is to ride more often with one horse in order to practice skills learned in lessons and to build a partnership over time.

A practice ride (hack) is a 45 minute on-site ride on a horse at the student’s riding level, assigned by an instructor or barn manager based on availability on that day. Practice rides are only available for students who can ride and tack up independently. Practice rides are available pre-planned for $40 each.

Rules of Lease and Practice Rides

  • Arrangements are made on a case-by-case basis and only for students currently enrolled in lessons
  • If the assigned or leased horse is unavailable for any reason, including injury, a replacement horse at the rider’s level will be assigned at the barn manager’s discretion
  • Rides do not include jumping
  • Rides must be supervised by an adult
  • Riders are responsible for care of the horse before and after riding (thorough grooming, tacking up, warm up period, cool down, putting tack away properly)
  • Leasing and practice rides are a privilege which can be revoked if not treated as such


Lease Rules

leasing_web_dsc_6858To make arrangements for a lease, please contact us directly. Specifics of a lease are determined on a case-by-case basis, but most lease arrangements follow the guidelines below:

  • Schoolhorse lease prices include weekly group lessons, which will be scheduled as a lease day
  • Lease terms must be pre-paid and are for contiguous months
  • Schoolhorse leases include shoes, board, and veterinary care at no additional fee
  • Lease prices are based on schooling level and ability of the horse and rider; ponies and horses have the same lease costs. When a horse is listed at two levels, the intended use will dictate the price of the lease.
  • Schoolhorse leased horses are also used in lessons, so regular ride days and times are scheduled at the beginning of the lease; any missed rides are forfeited
  • If your leased horse is ill or unavailable for any reason, a replacement mount will be assigned until the leased horse returns for duty
  • Lessees are not financially responsible if the horse becomes ill or is injured during an on-site ride
  • Reservations for outside rides and shows must be made separate from the lease – DO NOT ASSUME your leased horse will be available
  • Any show fees (transportation, off-site or full-day usage fees, accommodations) are additional to the lease cost
  • Changes to lease days/times can be requested in advance, but are not guaranteed and might require re-assignment of lease horse
  • Requests for a change in leased horse are granted at the discretion of the owner or barn manager
  • Leases are not guaranteed to be renewed at the end of the term and can be cancelled by the lessee or barn owner with 30-day notice

Lease Types and Fees

The term “horse” below applies to both horses and ponies

Full Lease (schoolhorse): Lessee can ride any day of the week based on the schedule established in the lease, to include lesson days. Horses in full leases will still be used as school horses, but in no more than 2 lessons per day outside of the lease arrangement. Lease cost includes weekly group lessons and costs $625 per month.

Half Lease (schoolhorse): Lessee can ride 3 days per week based on the schedule established in the lease, to include lesson days. Only one weekend day is allowed for this lease type, whether that is a lesson day or not. Lease cost includes weekly group lessons and is $500 per month.

Full Exclusive Lease (non schoolhorse):  Similar to owning a horse, this lease does not allow other riders to ride the horse, and the rider assumes all of the horse’s expenses.  This lease does not include lessons, and the rider pays boarding (field or stall), farrier, dentist, and vet bills.  Some horses may have an additional monthly lease charge, depending on the horse’s value. This type of lease includes horse usage for shows, off-site clinics, etc.

A 5% discount is given for a 6 month lease; 10% discount for a 1 year lease.

Note:  30 days notice for cancellation of a lease is required. (or you will be charged)




Intermediate level
Percheron/QH  |16.1 hands | Age 12

Axel is a bit green to the fences still, but very sweet. He will soon be a farm favorite! He is available for lessons and lease.

Bally “Balladier”

Beginner/Intermediate level
Welsh Cob | 15 hands | 9 years

Bally has extensive show experience in the hunter ring, including year-end champions in Green Hunter and Maiden Hunter.  He also has dressage showing experience.  He is one of our newest schoolhorses, and is eager to work with some new partners.

Blizzard “Picturesque Bit of Blue”

blizzardBeginner/Intermediate level
Welsh pony 13.2 hands | Age 12
Blizzard is a super pony!    He is a great teacher, and popular with many levels of riders. He is available for lessons and lease.



Intermediate – Advanced Level

8 Year old Thoroughbred 16.0 H

 Brooke is an off-track thoroughbred.  She has competed in hunters, jumpers, and dressage.  Brooke travels well to Pony Club events and has schooled Cross Country.  She  has a lovely quiet temperament. She is available for lessons and lease.

Bugs (Ruffian Rabbit)

Beginner/ Intermediate level
Welsh 13.1 hands | Age 19
Bugs is a fancy pony who has competed in WEF!  She has gone cross country, and taught beginners. She is currently half-leased.

Charlie “Willy Wonka”


Beginner – Intermediate Level

12 Year old Paint Pony, 14.0 H

Charlie is a cute paint pony that has a fast trot, but a lovely canter, and is a super jumper.  Quick, but fun for all riders at Red Gate Farm. He is available for lessons and lease.



Intermediate Level

9 Year old Haflinger Pony, 14.1 H

Chillie is a fun pony and great jumper.  He is for Intermediate riders because  he is a forward mover.   He is sweet and kind, and tries hard. He is available for lessons and lease.

Coco Puff


Beginner to Intermediate level
Welsh pony | 13.2 hands | Age 15
Coco Puff is a cute welsh pony that has taught many children to ride!  He is used in lessons and camps for all abilities.  He has shown in hunters from Leadline to Pony hunters.



Intermediate level
Belgian Draft 16.2 hands | Age 19
Duncan is a gentle giant that has been fox hunting, and eventing.   He is strong, but agreeable, and eager to please. He is available for lessons and lease.


hunterhorseIntermediate level
Appendix 16.1 hands | Age 15
Hunter is a fun TB that has evented through Novice level, and shown in hunters and jumpers.  He has dabbled in fox hunting also. He is available for lessons and lease.



Beginner to Intermediate level
“TMF Darkstar”
Quarter Horse | 16 hands | Age 18

Comfortable gaits and big, but gentle, he loves kids and adults. Jack
has been teaching all levels for 8 years, including tots and grandmothers. He is available for lessons and lease.


Beginner/Intermediate level
Quarter Horse | 15.1 hands | Age 16
Joker is really quiet, comfortable best friend.   He is a great teacher  for that first canter or first jump. He is available for lessons and lease.

Maple “I Cannot Find It”


Intermediate/Advanced level
Canadian Thoroughbred  15.3 hands | Age 5
Maple is the easiest young TB we have ever worked with.  She did her first show with a 13 year old rider and was amazing! We are looking forward to bringing her along as a showhorse, and expect her to be a 2’6″ hunter/jumper all day long.  Perhaps some eventing too! Available for lease.


MaxIntermediate level

Thoroughbred  16 hands | Age 17
Max is a show hunter for juniors/adults through 2’6″. He also teaches lessons, and may do some eventing with us. Available for lease.




Beginner to Intermediate level
Irish Sporthorse
16.3+ hands | Age 20

Paddy was a well-loved foxhunter before coming to Red Gate Farm. He is a wonderful, steady, patient mount for ALL levels. A favorite for many years! He is available for lessons and lease.


parkerIntermediate/Advanced level
Thoroughbred | 16 hands | Age 11
Parker is a straight-forward Thoroughbred that has shown in hunters, jumpers, and eventing.  He is a popular lesson horse with upper level riders. He is available for lessons and lease.


Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced level
Welsh Cross | 14.3 hands | 12 years

Pete is an experienced Event pony through Novice, but is also great with beginners. He can be lazy but when you get him going he can really jump! He is available for lessons and lease.

PW (Pee Wee)

PW2Intermediate/Advanced level
Thoroughbred 16.1 hands | Age 15
PW is a  TB that has been evented and shown in equitation leagues.  He is available for lessons / lease.



Beginner – Intermediate level
Paint Pony | 13.2 hands | Age 11
Razz is a fun, athletic pony for all levels. Terrific jumper and does well in shows, too. She has a wonderful personality too!

Rou “Roulette”

Intermediate/Advanced level
Quarter Horse | 15.3 hands | 12 years

Rou comes to us with extensive showing experience, including multiple year-end series Champion and Reserve Champions in Working Hunter, and Pleasure.  She would be a great partner for those wishing to show in the hunters.  We welcome her to Red Gate Farm as a new member of our equine team.



Beginner to Intermediate level
“King Bar Leo”
Quarter Horse/Paint
15.3 hands | Age 15

Tobey is a fun horse that likes kids. His blue eye is striking. Nice on the flat, and an experienced jumper too. Tobey has been with us for 7 years. He is great for all levels. He is available for lessons and lease.



Beginner to Intermediate level

“Two Pence”
Welsh pony cross | 12 hands | Age 13

Tuppence has excellent training and manners. A fancy show pony, she wins in local hunter shows. She has been popular in camp with all levels. She can jump really high for her size. She is SOOOO cute with her blue eyes. She’s been with us for 7 years. Tuppence won NCSSEL Horse for the Year for 2009 and 2013!



Beginner/Intermediate level
Thoroughbred 16 hands | Age 22
Wellie is a great horse with tons of show experience in dressage, as well as in jumping and fox hunting.  He is available for lessons and lease.


Payment secures your spot, and is due at or near the time of service.  Red Gate Farm does not offer in-house financing or monthly billing.