Pony Club

We are excited to announce a new Pony Club opportunity at Red Gate Farm!

What is Pony Club?

The United States Pony Clubs (USPC) is an internationally recognized organization that focuses on the education of equestrians of all ages. Members can join a club in their region to access riding lessons, lessons on horse management, and participate in team competition called “rallies” across the region. Red Gate Farm is proud to offer the Pony Club program in the form of the Red Gate Farm Pony Club Riding Center.


The Pony Club Certifications system is the backbone of the program. As a rider ascends through the levels, the depth of equine knowledge and scope of riding ability required increases. The Certifications, from lowest to highest, are D-1, D-2, D-3, C-1, C-2, C-3, HB, B, H-A, A. The “D-1” level is designed for even the most beginner of riders, so never fear, all riders may participate! The highest level, the “A”, is internationally recognized as the peak of horse knowledge and riding expertise. Many successful horse professionals are “A” graduates from Pony Club. Notable Pony Club graduates in the eventing world include Lynn Symansky (A), William Fox-Pitt (B), Colleen Rutledge (A), Maya Black (A), and Tim Bourke.


Pony Club has traditionally revolved around Eventing instruction, though in recent years the organization has widened its scope to encompass hunters/show jumping and dressage as well. The primary focus at Red Gate will be on Eventing, though it is absolutely accessible to any individual who would like to join with any interest in English riding, horsemanship, and equine knowledge.


Lifelong skills

Pony Club isn’t just for learning about horses – it also provides a platform for young members to develop sportsmanship, teamwork and leadership skills. Members of all ages will have the opportunity to participate in International Exchanges, Leadership Congresses, and Championships. Young members will have access to collegiate scholarships and resumé builders.


Despite the youthful name “Pony Club,” it is very much accessible for adults. Members joining for the first time over 18 years of age are referred to as “Horsemasters” and may still participate in all the same lessons, ratings, and rallies. Please view the Horsemasters page for more information. 


How do I become a part of Pony Club?

There are three tiers of organization to Pony Club: National, Regional, and the Club level.

  • To join the USPC, you will need to complete the National form.
  • To participate with the Region (Virginia Region Pony Clubs), please complete this form. This is a required form.
  • Participation on the Club level will come when you sign up for Pony Club lessons at the farm.

Email Center Administrator Christie McKitrick for more information: christina.mckitrick@gmail.com

First time expenses

$155 to USPC

$26 to VRPC

What are the expectations of members and parents?

Pony Club is about community: the volunteering efforts of parents are crucial to the success of any Pony Club. Everything from transporting your young member to lessons, to acquiring source materials for studying for Certifications, to volunteering at rallies (team competitions). You will be amazed how much you can learn about this sport without even having to touch a horse!


We strongly encourage participation from all members in the form of the Adult Board and Junior Board. This is the way for your voice to be heard within the club and to be an integral part of the community.

Center Administrator: Christina McKitrick, “A” graduate

Assistant Center Administrator: Sara Vitkus, “C-3” graduate


Adult Board

Assistant Center Administrator

Certifications Coordinator

Rally Coordinator

Membership Coordinator



Fundraising Coordinator

Volunteer Coordinator

Junior Board


Vice President




Do we have to have a horse?

No, you just need to have access to one! If you sign up for the Pony Club lessons, you’ll be able to participate in the lessons on a Red Gate school horse. 

View the FAQ page for further questions.


Lesson Schedule

$500 per session

This includes 8 riding lessons and 2 ground schools


Lessons will take place certain Wednesdays. Please see the Lesson Page for the current session.