Student Shows


Red Gate Farm Student Horse Show – Rain or shine

2017 STUDENT SHOW DATES:  May 21, Sunday in October TBA

Professional Judge. Professional Photographer.  CITS185






Please arrive ½ hour early to pick up your number and get ready for your class. Classes will run on schedule.


Cost:  $35 per class or $90 per division.  Each rider may take up to 3 classes. We encourage even the beginners to try all 3 classes.  Please pre-register and pre-pay.  $25 cancellation fee FOR ANY REASON once you have signed up.


Dress:  This is designed to be a fun first show, and therefore, will not require expensive show clothes.  Acceptable attire includes riding pants or plain leggings, boots, a solid polo or other nice shirt, and long hair braided or tied back.


Classes:  Riders will show the same horse in all classes. Riders are judged on their position, ability to control their horse, and horsemanship. Ribbons will be awarded to each participant in each class.  Snack bar will be available (hot dogs, chips, candy, drinks).




Beginner 1 Division:  12:30 pm   ———leadlines permitted

                                                  1) Walk/Halt

                                                  2) Walk/Short Trot/Jumping position at walk

                                                  3) Pattern Ride


Beginner 2 Division: (riders in 1st year)   1:00

                                                  4) Walk/Halt/Posting Trot

                                                  5) Walk/Halt/Trot/Jumping position over trotting poles

                                                  6) Pattern Ride


Beginner 3 Division: 2:00 pm        7) Walk/Halt/Posting Trot

                                                     8) Walk/Halt/Trot/Sitting Trot/Jumping position at trot

                                                  9) Walk/Halt/Trot/Jumping Course with 2 crossrails


Intermediate 1 Division: 3:00 pm    10) Walk/Halt/ Posting Trot/Sitting Trot/Jumping position at trot

                                                  11) Walk/Trot/Canter

                                                  12) Jumping Course with 4 fences 18”


Intermediate 2 Division: 4:00 pm

                                                   13) Walk/Halt/Trot/Canter

                                                  14) Jumping Course  A with 4 fences at 2’

                                                  15) Jumping Course  B with 6 fences at 2’


Adult Division: 5:00 pm

                                                   16) Walk/Halt/Trot      

                                                  17) Walk/Halt/Trot/Canter

                                                  18) Jumping Course



  • Note for Pattern Ride: Riders will complete a memorized pattern ride. They will steer their horse through a pole maze, around obstacles, over poles, etc. at a walk only.
  • Note for Jumping: Riders may trot or canter in control. If a jump is missed/refused, please circle back and attempt the jump again before continuing the course.