Winter Show Team

HAVE FUN – learn about showing, being on a team, and competing!

LIMITED TO 9 RIDERS. Registration is in Aug/Sep – practices begin in October.2011-10-3010.26.05

We compete as a team against other barns in the Washington D.C area. Red Gate Farm has joined equitation leagues (NCSSEL and NCEL) where our riders travel to other barns, choose one of THAT BARN’s horses from a hat, and show them. We ride ALL KINDS of horses!

Includes: Team registration with the Equitation Leagues, 8 team practices.
Fee DOES NOT INCLUDE show fees (low fees of $130 includes entry fees, horse usage, and coaching), banquet fees, or proper show attire that must be purchased. Show team jacket additional $125. Additional cost for Finale show ($225).  IEA show fee is $160 instead of $130 due to higher league costs.

Must commit to :

  • Competing in AT LEAST 4 of 5 shows offered per year
  • Paying show team fee ( $625 for  8 show team practices in addition to regular lessons; available in 6 monthly payments of $110. ) These fees include all practice sessions, registrations to the league, $$ toward ribbons, $$ toward special awards, and $$ toward subsidized banquet.  They do NOT include fees for each show.
  • Volunteering for show team duties.

TEAMS WINTER  2016/17 teams.

NCEL “A”   Team Members:  Viktorija Petraitis, Paige Kennedy, Jacqueline Wisecarver, Gretchen Albers, Bella Bernarding, Olivia Hall, Abbey Windle, Patience Voell.  Coach: Judi Novak

“A” Team Show Schedule: Preliminary schedule: October 9, Nov. 27, Feb. 5, FINALE March 11  $225  : HOST AT RED GATE: December 4 .  Team members will also be required to run the “C” show on  at Red Gate Jan. 15, and hopefully assist with JEL show on Nov. 30,

“A” Team Practices: Certain Wednesdays  from  7:00 to -8:30 pm:  10/5, 11/9, 11/16, 11/30, 1/11, 1/18, 2/1, 3/8, subject to change.

NCSSEL  “C” Team Members: Cameron Cocozza,  Liza Ricker, Hanna Saling, Ellie Vest,Lacey Gordon, Roya Cranford, Hannah Vaughn, Faith Genkinger, Christine Mayo  Coach: Judi Novak

“C”  Show Schedule:  Preliminary schedule:  Jan. 21, Jan. 29, Feb. 19, :  HOST AT RED GATE: Jan. 15, FINALE  March 11 $225  Team members will also be required to run the “A” show on  at Red Gate TBD, and hopefully assist with JEL show on Nov. 20.

“C” Team Practices: Certain Wednesdays   from 5:30-7:00 pm:  10/5,  11/9, 1/11, 3/8   from  7:00 to -8:30 pm: 10/19,  12/7, 12/14, 2/15. subject to change

JEL Team Members:  Tristan O’Neil, Willow Jeffery, Aby Fiormonti, Ava O’Donnell, Erin Lee, Hanna Mullan, Tori Nelson, Angela Reimert, Haley Frankovich, Madision LaRue  Coach: Judi Novak

“JEL”  Show Schedule:  Preliminary schedule: Oct. 30, Dec. 18, Feb. 12:  HOST AT RED GATE:  Nov. 20, FINALE March 19 $225

“JEL” Team Practices: Certain Wednesdays   from 5:30-7:00 pm:  10/19, 11/16, 11/30, 12/7, 12/14, 1/18, 2/1, 2/15  subject to change

Adult Team Members:   Georgia Weidman, Kristen Handley?, Kerstin Crutchfiled, Cindy Lindsey, Marissa Smorag,  Rebecca Burke, Jill Fowler         Coach: Erika Cook

Adult Show Schedule:  Preliminary schedule: Finale April 2,  $225:  HOST AT RED GATE:  Jan. 8

Adult Team Practices: Certain Saturdays  from TBD to TBD  9/24, 10/8, 10/22, 11/12, 12/17, 1/28, 2/18, 3/25   subject to change